Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
1 Week
Mobile App

Modern identity with
adventurous spirit

Imagine a journey that weaves together cultures, traditions, and landscapes - connecting people and places across vast Eurasia. This was the vision of The Culture Routes Society, and their mobile app, Via Eurasia, was the digital gateway to this unique adventure.

As part of the client’s efforts to enhance user experience and accessibility, they decided to redesign their mobile app and add some changes to their branding.

What was the problem?

As a starting point point of my creative journey I got some user feedback on the existing app design, as well as some notes from the creative director at Culture Routes Society. Here are the main pain points.


Users found the navigation of the app very confusing; they also found that there were too many unnecessary screens.

Branding and accessibility

Users found the colour palette and the logo  unsophisticated and outdated; the colour palette  didn’t  follow accessibility guidelines.

Reviving the identity:a new logo emerges

Bearing user feedback and the wishes of the client in mind, I decided to start by redesigning the logo of the project, to give it a new modern identity. The new logo is minimalistic, recognisable  and sophisticated, and it still hints to the organisation's mission.

Chromatic renaissance: a color palette that speaks volumes

I wanted the colour palette to resonate with the project mission, convey cultural richness, and be inclusive for all users. I chose black and sandy beige as primary and base colours because I didn't want to take too much attention from the main content of the app, which is already rich with imagery. The deep azure blue and vibrant yellow were carefully selected as accent colours to evoke the landscapes of the Eurasian regions.

Elevating the narrative:a journey through text

While keeping Roboto as a typeface of the app, I reimagined text hierarchy to improve accessibility and make the app more user-friendly.

Navigational clarity: crafting a user-focused experience

The most pressing challenge was fixing the app's navigation. Users found it confusing due to the absence of a clear menu and the presence of superfluous screens. My goal was to create an experience that was as intuitive as it was enriching.
Through careful restructuring and simplification, I streamlined the app's navigation, introducing a user-friendly tab bar menu that guides users effortlessly through the app's content and functionalities, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.
Some unnecessary pages were creating confusion among users. I eliminated redundant screens, allowing users to dive straight into their cultural exploration.
One of the most transformative chapters in the Via Eurasia redesign was reshaping the home page. When I first saw it, it looked like a legal document, and it was clear I needed to infuse it with the spirit of cultural exploration, as well as find a better place for necessary information about sponsors of the project. With this redesign, I turned what was once a formal introduction into an interactive invitation—a vibrant portal where every visitor could initiate a personalised journey of Eurasian cultural discovery.

Conclusion: a journey redefined

My journey in revamping the Via Eurasia mobile app was not just a design task; it was about breathing new life into a project that sought to connect cultures, promote inclusivity, and celebrate the beauty of our world's diversity.The logo, colour palette, and navigation overhaul weren't just design choices; they were a testament to the power of design in shaping experiences and fostering connections. As users embark on their cultural journeys with Via Eurasia, it's a reminder that design can bridge gaps, inspire curiosity, and bring cultures together - one tap at a time.