Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
1 Week
Mobile App

Modern identity with adventurous spirit

Imagine a journey that weaves together cultures, traditions, and landscapes - connecting people and places across vast Eurasia. This was the vision of The Culture Routes Society, and their mobile app, Via Eurasia, was the digital gateway to this unique adventure.

As part of the client’s efforts to enhance user experience and accessibility, they decided to redesign their mobile app and add some changes to their branding.

What was the problem?

As a starting point point of my creative journey I got some user feedback on the existing app design, as well as some notes from the creative director at Culture Routes Society. Here are the main pain points.


Users found the navigation of the app very confusing; they also found that there were too many unnecessary screens.

Branding and accessibility

Users found the colour palette and the logo  unsophisticated and outdated; the colour palette  didn’t  follow accessibility guidelines.

From concept to reality

I embarked on a design odyssey, creating low, mid, and high-fidelity wireframes to breathe life into the app's architecture. Every screen and interaction was meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth user experience. These wireframes served as my blueprint, transforming concepts into tangible design elements.

Platform adaptation: melding iOS and Android ecosystems

Creating harmony within the diverse iOS and Android ecosystems was a personal challenge. I embraced their design guidelines to ensure a consistent yet platform-native experience. This adaptation was about speaking the unique visual language of each platform while maintaining the core essence of the app.

Shaping the app's identity

Choosing a colour palette was a critical step in shaping the app's identity. I picked the accent colour that evoked creativity and vibrancy, mirroring the artistic journeys of the users.

Content-centric design: nurturing creativity

The final frontier was designing a content-centric experience that immersed users in a world of artistic possibilities. Each pixel was a canvas for creativity, each layout an invitation to explore. The app's design was about kindling the spark of inspiration and fostering connections between artists and learners.

Ignite your imagination

Welcome to the "Artist of the Day" page, where every day brings a new canvas of inspiration. Dive into the world of renowned artists, unravel their masterpieces, and let their creativity fuel your own.

Your creative journey, your way

The "Search and Filter" pages are your personal art studio, allowing you to tailor your creative journey exactly to your preferences. With a palette of search criteria at your fingertips, you're the artist of your experience.

Uncover the artistry within

Delve deep into the heart of creativity with the "Class Info" page. Here, each class becomes a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Get to know your teacher, explore the class schedule, find the perfect location, and understand the value of your artistic investment.

Conclusion: crafting connections through creativity and inspiration

With my extensive experience in the world of art and crafts, the process of working on this project was deeply personal. At its core, this project is a reflection of my desire to inspire others to explore their creativity and to provide them with a platform that not only eases the path but also ignites the spark. As users explore, learn, and create through the app, it's a reminder that art isn't just about aesthetics; it's about the connections it forges, the stories it tells, and the inspiration it ignites.