Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
2 Months
web app

Discover the art of healthy and scrumptious cooking

Picture this: A world where making nutritious choices feels as exciting as savouring a decadent dessert.

That was the vision behind this project, where I embarked on a mission to create a responsive web app that not only promoted healthy recipes but also shared essential information about nutrition. In this case study, I invite you to join me on my personal journey as a UX and UI designer in bringing this project to life.

Setting the stage

My journey began with a spark of curiosity and a dash of determination. The world was changing, and so were our eating habits. People were increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition, and it was time to make healthy eating an enticing adventure. As a passionate UX and UI designer, I was eager to be a part of this transformative journey.

What else is out there?

As a first step, I conducted a competitive analysis of two recipe web apps: Forks Over Knives and Minimalist Baker. My goal was to evaluate their navigation, layout and general usability. This analysis helped me define their strengths and weaknesses. This also helped me decide which features I wanted to include in my web app and define mistakes I'd like to avoid.

Designing for real people

The heart of PURE was always its users. To truly understand their needs and desires, I began an extensive user research phase. I chatted with fitness fanatics, talked to curious beginners, and listened to the tales of those on a journey to better health. As a result of these conversations, I identified my user personas.

Crafting the user experience

With my  personas in mind, the UX design phase was a thrilling journey of its own. I sketched wireframes and envisioned how users like Lily and George would navigate through PURE. The app's structure needed to be intuitive, guiding users to their culinary and nutritional destination with ease.

Adding the creative flair

The UI design phase was where I could truly let my creative juices flow. The challenge was to make nutrition look and feel exciting. Vibrant, fresh colours were chosen to evoke a sense of vitality, and mouthwatering food photography adorned the app to stimulate appetites. Typography was carefully selected for both aesthetics and readability, ensuring that users like Lily and George could enjoy a visually pleasing and informative experience.

Mobile-first and beyond

As my journey continued, I knew that accessibility was key. PURE had to be a faithful companion on both smartphones and desktops. Thus, I embraced responsive design principles to ensure a seamless experience across all devices. This made it possible for users to access PURE anytime, anywhere.

Crafting the canvas: bringing ideas to life

Designing high-fidelity wireframes was akin to painting a canvas with the vivid strokes of my vision. It was here that I transformed conceptual sketches into a tangible user interface, carefully placing each element to orchestrate a symphony of user experience.

Conclusion -a personal design odyssey

My journey as a UX and UI designer on the PURE web app was about creating a digital haven where nutrition was not just a necessity but a delightful adventure. It was about making the choice to eat well as exciting as that first bite of your favourite meal.In the end, PURE wasn't just a web app; it was a manifestation of my passion for design and my commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle. It's a reminder that design can make the world a better place by crafting engaging, user-centric experiences that enrich lives through the power of design.