Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
1 Month
web app

Designing for bookworms
and earth-keepers

Imagine a world where the love for reading is rekindled, and the pursuit of sustainability is championed - one page at a time. My goal for this project was to connect people with affordable, pre-loved books while promoting sustainability by giving these treasures a new life.

As a designer, I embarked on a personal journey to craft an immersive experience that invites users to explore the world of literature and make eco-conscious choices. In this case study, join me as we delve into the creation of Novel Finds - a web app with a unique name and a powerful mission.

Discovering sustainability

"Novel Finds", the name of this online store, carries the essence of its mission. It embodies the thrill of uncovering hidden literary treasures and emphasises the sustainability aspect of choosing pre-loved books.

Crafting a visual identity:
brand guidelines

In the creation of Novel Finds, the brand guidelines were not just a set of rules; they were the threads that wove together the story I wanted to tell. They embodied the spirit of the web app - modern yet timeless, vibrant yet sophisticated, and above all, inspirational. Through the careful selection of fonts, colours, and language, I created an identity that reflected the project's mission and invited users on a journey of discovery.

Fusing eras: a timeless
legacy with a modern twist

In the heart of the brand guidelines, lies a cherished element - the fusion of the timeless charm of old paintings of people immersed in reading with the sleek elegance of modern sans serif typeface, giving the brand a truly unique and unforgettable character.

Crafting the user experience

With the name as my guiding star, I embarked on designing a user experience that mirrored the charm and promise of "Novel Finds." The UX design phase involved creating pathways for users to explore, search, and purchase books effortlessly. I envisioned a seamless process where users could not only find the books they desired but also discover new literary gems.

Responsive and engaging
design experience

Recognising the importance of accessibility, the web app was made fully responsive, ensuring users could engage with Novel Finds on desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

a personal chapter

My journey as a UX and UI designer on the Novel Finds was deeply personal. It was about fostering a love for literature, advocating for sustainability, and crafting a digital haven where these ideals could coexist. Novel Finds is more than just a web app; it's a reflection of values—a place where stories find new homes, and a sustainable future is embraced. As users embark on their literary journeys, it's a reminder that through design, we can shape experiences that inspire positive change, one book at a time.